Observations and Analysis

Populism and Social Networks: A New Way to Communicate

We can confirm, without a shadow of doubt, that 2017 was the year of populist politicians. They used three main approaches: first they relentlessly attacked the integrity of traditional media, then they bypassed them, shunning them in favour of social networks, and finally they had populist messages. In 2017 alone, Donald Trump had nearly 330 […]

2017: The Year of Intolerance

The attack on the Grande Mosque of Quebec City occupied more space in the media than any other story since Influence Communication has been measuring this. The attack came in a particular context, between the inauguration of Trump and the historic performance of the Front National. It is in some way symptomatic of an era […]

The Montreal Canadiens: Religious Fervour

It is often said that the pressure on NHL hockey players is particularly strong in Montreal – so much that some players would refuse to come to Montreal. This is a consequence of the disproportionate media attention they receive and there is every reason to believe that this is not an urban legend. In fact, […]

NAFTA: A Matter of Point of View!

The re-opening of NAFTA has been a hot issue this year throughout North America. However, media interest has diverged considerably from one country to another. For example, in Canada, 12.35% of the coverage of the issues focused on Chapter 19 of the current accord (with a similar level for the question of rules of origin), […]

The #MeToo Tsunami

The fall of 2017 was marked by an unprecedented wave of accusations of sexual misconduct. First there was the Weinstein affair, then the creation of #MeToo, quickly adapted in other countries to #MoiAussi, #BalanceTonPorc, #YoTambien, #Ana_kaman, etc. This movement of solidarity on social networks encouraged many women to publicly express the fact that they were […]

Pot vs. Fentanyl: How High are our Media?

Since the Liberal government of Justin Trudeau announced that cannabis would be legalized by July 2018, our media have waged somewhat of a war on pot! Characterized by an overzealous coverage where pot seems to be a growing concern in terms of public health, our media have appeared to neglect one actual and very real […]